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Once you are approved for online registration please contact 847-360-4760 to inform Special Recreation Staff. Staff will then designate your proper fee code so you are appropriately charged.
Please note that Special Recreation Day Camps & Overnight Trips are not available for online registration.

SRSNLC Brochures can be obtained at the Belvidere Recreation Center in Belvidere Park, the Field House Sports and Fitness Center in Hinkston Park, the Jack Benny Center for the Arts, in Bowen Park or the Corrine Rose Administrative Center in Belvidere Park.

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Special Recreation Seasonal Brochure (includes programs offered in Lindenhurst, Round Lake & Zion)

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Inclusion Information

Waukegan Park District is committed to meeting your unique, individual leisure needs.  If you feel you/your child are in need of inclusion services please contact Kari Robinson at 847-360-4763 to start the process of assessment.

Waukegan Park District-Special Recreation will determine inclusion service needs based on an Inclusion Assessment it conducts. Inclusion will be determined on a case by case and program by program basis. Each request is unique and is determined individually. Please contact Kari Robinson at 847-360-4763 to have you or your child assessed to determine if they qualify for inclusive services and to determine how quickly services can be coordinated. Special Recreation staff require two weeks to set up appropriate services for the participant.  Typically, Assessments can take up to one week.  Once the Assessment is complete, it typically takes an additional week to arrange for inclusive services. Please be aware not all personal care needs can be met by the district.

Financial Assistance Opportunities

Clearbrook Partnership

Children with developmental delays  5 and underClearbrook - logo
In September of 2011, Clearbrook’s Take a Break Respite Program became available for Waukegan families. This innovative service matches the spirit of volunteerism with the needs of families who have children with developmental delays. By providing parents with regularly scheduled time away from parental responsibilities, volunteers and families become woven into each other’s lives to create a fabric of support. Special Recreation’s Douglas House provides a safe and home-like atmosphere for families to leave their children, infants to age 5, for up to three hours twice a month. Families are encouraged to explore available resources, programs and activities so when children reach school age, they can transition to the Special Recreation Program for leisure, enrichment, and athletic activities as well as just plain fun. For more information about Clearbrook and the Take a Break Respite Program, please click here.