Waukegan BMX Track

The Waukegan Park District (WPD) was approached by the National Bicycle League (NBL) in the fall of 2002 looking for a home for a group of local BMXers that had been making a long trek across the border to Wisconsin to find a suitable track.

For the uninitiated, BMX is the short form of “bicycle moto-cross.” BMX is a sport that involves the whole family, teaches and fosters individual responsibility, respect for others and property, good sportsmanship and courage.

The WPD felt that a BMX track would fit in perfectly with its “benefits-based” philosophy. A BMX program provides optional sports activity for energetic young people.

The track was designed by Mark Hildebrand, a nationally-known builder of BMX tracks who also created tracks for the X-Games, Gravity Games and the 2008 Olympic Games.Hildebrand’s design services were provided free-of-charge by NBL, and he also got his hands dirty by completing the majority of the earth moving on the 1,200 feet-long course as well as field testing each individual track obstacle as they were being constructed.

We welcome your ideas to make the Waukegan BMX Track the best it can be.

Code of Conduct

  • Be courteous to other riders and park users.
  • This is your BMX track. Protect it from vandalism. Help to preserve it.
  • Be considerate of our neighbors. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Have fun!
  • Waukegan BMX Track Website
  • BMX_Bylaws
BMX Track Hours
Daily*9am – 6pm
*The track is closed to the public during races, practices, camps or clinics and it is also closed when the track is wet after a rain.

Track Rules