Music Lessons

The Jack Benny Center offers private music lessons in Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Woodwinds, Brass, Piano and Voice. Lessons are scheduled individually and the price for one half hour lesson is $20/$22, Scholarships are available. Interested students/parents should call 847-360-4740 for assistance on available instructors, dates, and times. All music instruction will take place at the Jack Benny Center for the Arts or virtually.

All instructors are trained in their instrument and are professional music instructors.

Jack Benny Center does not rent instruments or sell music books.

After you register, staff will call you to set up your lessons with the instructor.

Piano lessons are now offered on Saturday mornings at the Jack Benny Center for the Arts! Lessons are scheduled individually and the price for one half hour lesson is $20/$22, For more information and to register, call (847) 360-4740.

Lessons are $20 per half hour for residents of the Park District and $22 for non-residents. Payment is due the first Tuesday of the month for the next month’s lessons.

Financial assistance is available at

Absences & Cancellations

To report an absence, call the Jack Benny Center at 847-360-4740 (during the Covid-19 pandemic you may email both your instructor and the center, call as soon as you can, voicemail is checked daily. If a call is not made 24-48 hours before your lesson, it may be considered an unexcused absence.

If a lesson is missed and is excused (or if an instructor misses a lesson) the next month’s payment amount will be pro-rated to account for the missed lesson.

To completely cancel out of lessons you need to fill out, in person, a cancellation form. If there are three (3) no-call no-show lessons in a row lessons will automatically be cancelled, which means the lesson time is lost and there is no refund for any lessons paid.

Music Books & Supplies

Faculty will instruct students on the purchase of music books and other supplies needed for lessons.  Instrument rental is the obligation of the student. The Waukegan Park District does not rent instruments.

Practice Rooms

Students interested in practicing before or after your lesson or during our open hours may do so at no additional fee. Please call in advance for studio availability. Non-students pay $5 per hour.