Outdoor Ice Rinks in Waukegan

Victory Park Ice Rink

Two public outdoor ice rinks are available for residents to utilize at Arbor Park and Victory Park!

Ice Rink Hours

9am - SunsetMonday - Friday
9am - SunsetSaturday - Sunday

Ice Rink Rules

  • Be considerate of others.
  • Don’t use the rink when it is closed.
  • Don’t use the rink when dangerous conditions exist.
  • Don’t use the rink in a manner that may endanger yourself and others.
  • Don’t skate recklessly, fast, or backwards.
  • Abide by all Waukegan Park District ordinances.

Skate at your own risk. Supervision is not provided. Parents are responsible for supervising their own children.

Skating is a hazardous recreational activity and involves substantial risk of injury.

You assume the full responsibility for determining that all conditions are safe for skating and assume the final risk and responsibility for injury.