Waukegan Parks Foundation

The Waukegan Parks Foundation was created in 2014 as a 501(c)3 organization. The purpose is to receive charitable contributions that support the District and further the District’s community education efforts related to fitness, wellness and healthy living.

The Foundation will:

  • receive gifts, bequests and endowments;
  • promote the use of District resources and services;
  • increase public recreational, educational and conservation programs of the Park District;
  • acquire, hold and convey land for the future development of public parks and outdoor recreational areas; and
  • engage the community in health, wellness and environmental stewardship activities.

The Waukegan Parks Foundation is a distinct organization separate from the Waukegan Park District. It has its own Board of Directors. A Waukegan Park District Commissioner serves as a liaison between the two entities and is an ex officio member of the Foundation Board.

The Foundation Board consists of the following members and terms.

Charlotte Callahan – (2014- 2018)
Harry Came – (2016-2019)
Vari Duran – (2018-2021)
Yolanda Glass-Brown (2017-2020)
Brian Grach- (2016-2019)
Nathan Hintz (2018-2021)
Desiree Martinez-(2016-2019)
Anton Mathews- (2017-2020)
Wayne Motley – (2017-2020)

Jeremiah Johnson-  Ex Officio

Ex Officio Waukegan Park District Staff:

Jay Lerner
Jon Beckmann
Jennifer Dumas
Theodora Anderson

Officers of the Foundation are:

Wayne Motley President
Charlotte Callahan Wozniak Vice President
Harry Came Treasurer

Waukegan Parks Foundation Fundraisers:

The Waukegan Parks Foundation holds two annual fundraisers to support
the Second Grade Swim Program and Scholarships.