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Waukegan Parks FoundationWaukegan Parks Foundation Mission and Vision


Through a diverse group of highly dedicated volunteers, build on the strength and positive perception of the Waukegan Park District by supporting targeted educational, environmental, and health-based programs that stimulate philanthropy in the Waukegan community and further enhance the Waukegan Park District.


Over the next two years, using the momentum from the successful second grade swim program, build a sustainable infrastructure within the Waukegan Parks Foundation and community which facilitates the ability of the Waukegan Parks Foundation to support additional programs aligned with its mission. Within five years, the Waukegan Parks Foundation will be known for its philanthropic leadership in the community.Waukegan Parks Foundation Timeline

Percussion Playground

This Percussion Playground is a Waukegan Parks Foundation Project. Thank you to the contributors who made this musical playground possible for the generations of Waukegan residents to enjoy. Special gratitude and recognition are extended to North Shore Gas for its lead donation.

$30,000 LEAD GIFT
North Shore Gas

$10,000 to $20,000
Waukegan Parks Foundation
Henry Pfau Callahan Foundation and Callahan Family
Waukegan Park District

Bernardi Securities
Lynn Florian and Al Wagener
David Maxwell Endowment Fund

Charlotte Callahan Wozniak
Concert Call
First Midwest Bank
Anne and Craig Linn Charitable Fund
Nathan and Colleen Hintz
Waukegan Arts Council
Timothy and Kristi Marie White

Harry Came
College of Lake County Foundation
Kate and Dan Kenny

Other donors included:

Theodora Anderson
Anonymous (5)
Jon Beckmann
Quincy and Mallory Bejster
Wygenia Briscoe
Cheryl Carlson
Patrick Cosgrove
Robert and Michelle Crombie
Sam Cunningham
Chris Drew
Jennifer Dumas
Antoinette Favero

Nancy Franz
Seraphim Glass
Karen Goodman
David and Suzanne Himpelmann
Michel and Vicki Hoff
Jerry and Bonnie Holisky
Janet Kilkelly
Sharon Labelle
James and Valerie Macrowski
Desiree Martinez
Anton Mathews
MarcoPolo Mixon

Lori Nerheim
Josue Pasillas
Kurt Peterson
Ben Richards
Debbie Richards
Roger Schwab Plumbing
Harlene and Fernando Shipley
Quentin and Rebecca Schwarz
Lisa Turner
Michael and Jane Waller
Bryan Winter
Ray Zamora

Click here to read the news story about the ribbon cutting and playground.

 Percussion Playground
Percussion Playground #2

Waukegan Parks Foundation: Second Grade Field Trip for Water Safety and Introduction to Swimming Program

Second grade students in Waukegan public and private schools have an opportunity to participate in a field trip to the Field House Sports, Fitness and Aquatics Center to get children comfortable in the water, learn about water safety and introduce swimming. Through March of 2020, more than 3,000 students participated.

Board of Directors

The Waukegan Parks Foundation Board of Directors, governed by bylaws, works collaboratively with the Waukegan Park District to support its efforts related to fitness, wellness, and healthy living. Below, you will find the list of the current Board of Directors. Questions or comments? Email President Nathan Hintz at nathan.hintz@sbcglobal.net.

Nathan Hintz, President

Kurt Peterson, Treasurer

Harry Came, Member

Desiree Martinez, Member

Jay Lerner, Ex Officio Member

Jon Beckmann, Ex Officio Member

Josue Pasillas, Ex Officio Member

Dr. Lynn Florian, Vice President

Shaemia Newsome, Secretary

Brian Grach, Member

Rebecca Solano, Member

Charlotte Callahan Wozniak, Member

Janet E. Kilkelly,  Board of Commissioners Liaison

Shelby McDonald, Ex Officio Member

Jennifer Dumas, Ex Officio Member