Outdoor Courts



Park Size of Court Fee
Arbor Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Bedrosian Park 1 Full Court $45/hour
Ben Diamond Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Bevier Park 2 Full Courts $45/hour
Clearview Park 1 Full Court $45/hour
Corrine J. Rose Park 2 Full Courts $45/hour
Country Lane Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
King Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Kirk Park 2 Half Courts $25/hour
Plonien Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Rudd Farm Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Woodard Park 1 Half Court $25/hour
Outdoor Volleyball:
Park Court Fee
Corrine J. Rose Park 2 Sand Courts $25/hour
Serenity Park 1 Sand Court $25/hour
Park Court Fee
Bevier Park 6 Pickleball Courts $25/hour
Park Court Fee
Corrine J. Rose Park 2 Tennis/Pickleball Courts (painted lines) $25/hour
Ben Diamond Park 2 Tennis Courts $25/hour
Bevier Park 4 Tennis Courts $25/hour
Rudd Farm Park 1 Tennis/Pickleball Court (painted lines) $25/hour
Serenity Park 1 Tennis/Pickleball Court (painted lines) $25/hour
Upton Park 2 Tennis Courts $25/hour
Victory Park 3 Tennis Courts $25/hour
Bocce Ball:
Park Court Fee
Corrine J. Rose Park 4 Bocce Courts $25/hour


Special Events:

The Waukegan Park District may require additional permission, permits, fees, and security deposits in some cases. The Park District reserves the right to increase the fee based on the nature of the activity. Police coverage, trash, storage, etc. may be an additional charge which can be determined by the Waukegan Park District staff. Gatherings of more than 25 people require a Park Permit and additional fees. Contact Parks Department Support Aid by phone at 847-360-4725 or email to lsalinas@waukeganparks.org for Park Permit questions or requests.

Facility Use Agreement