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The benefits of nature for children are well researched and documented. Unstructured free play outdoors brings cognitive, social, emotional, social, spiritual and physical health benefits to children in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, children who get outside on a daily basis are smarter, more cooperative and healthier overall according to the Journal of American Medicine.

The benefits:

Children who play outside on a daily basis demonstrate increased creativity, better problem solving skills, more focus and better self-discipline.

Social benefits include better cooperation in groups, greater flexibility and self-awareness. Contact with the natural world can reduce symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children.

  • The emotional benefits of time outside are increased stress reduction and happiness and reduced aggression.
  • Children who play outside have increased physical activity
  • For more information, please visit:
    The National Wildlife Federation
Help Waukegan Park District Get Ten Million Kids Outdoors

The Waukegan Park District has signed on with the National Recreation and Park Association and the National Wildlife Fund to get ten million kids outdoors. This goal propels us toward a future when all kids spend time outside each day, creating a generation of happier, healthier children with more awareness and connection to the natural world.

Lake County Nature Network

The Waukegan Park District partners with the Lake County Nature Network which strives to nourish children and adult’s curiosity, growth, and creativity through play and discovery in nature and outdoor recreation activities. The initiative also seeks to build in children and adults alike a sense of connection to place and appreciation of the unique nature in our region.

Every Kid in a Park Initiative

This initiative announced by President Obama focuses on getting more children outdoors exploring and learning about the natural world around them.