Butterfly Migration Project

Butterfly Migration Project
What the project is about?

Monarch butterflies migrate annually and it is a unique and amazing phenomenon. Unlike other butterflies, monarchs cannot survive the cold winters of northern climates. Monarchs in Eastern North America have a second home in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. As they migrate, it’s important that monarch butterflies have the nutrition they need in order to make it to their destination!

How are we doing this?

Partnered with Faith In Place, we will be growing milkweed and other native plants for the monarch butterflies in our greenhouse. Growing these plants in the greenhouse will take a few months to do and we want to keep you in the loop. Throughout their growth time, we will show our progress with engagement videos, share fun facts, and upload pictures on the website. We encourage community members to take the Illinois Monarch Pledge and stay active on our webpage and check out other organizations with their project. There will also be information on Facebook to see the progress.

Once grown, we will be distributing these plants for FREE to community members to have in their own home and provide a packet of fun, educational information to help maintain their plants and know what to look out for. This project is meant to engage and educate community members of all ages and be able to provide environmental resources that help protect and conserve the monarch butterflies.

Click Here to Take the Illinois Monarch Project Pledge

Check out more information on the state-wide project! Click here to learn more.

Who is Faith in Place?

Faith in PlaceFaith in Place empowers Illinois people of all faiths to be leaders in caring for the Earth, providing resources to educate, connect, and advocate for healthier communities.
We believe that when people of faith lead the environmental movement, it is a movement focused on justice and care for our common environment. We operate from local offices serving Chicago, the North and West Suburbs of Chicago, Lake County, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois.

One of Faith in Place’s programs is “Migration and Me”.Migration & Me

The program shares the story of the Monarch Butterfly, and connects this beautiful flying migrant human stories of moves and relocations.

We believe that everyone has a story of migration from one place to another, whether it is one’s own migration story or one that has been inherited from loved ones or friends. Human beings, monarch butterflies, migratory birds, and other migrating species all seek welcoming places to eat, rest, and live along the migration journey and at the destination.

By connecting these migration stories and spending time learning about the natural world, participants can be inspired to land conservation and better Earth care.  And to better understand other people in our communities.

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The Migration & Me Program was a recipient of a 2017 Force of Nature Award given by Chicago Wilderness. Click here to learn more!


To learn more about Monarchs, watch Plight of the Monarch, by Kirby and Cindy Pringle on YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZKbZdLtBoM

Want to get involved?

Register to get update information on distribution dates. We have Saturday, April 24, at the Greenhouse, 12pm-1pm as our plant day. This may be subject to change due to plant progress. Make sure to RSVP and check us out for more info! Click here to register.

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