Field House Staff Directory

Quincy Bejster, CPRP
Deputy Superintendent of Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics
(847) 782-3625

Shelby McDonald
Manager of Field House Operations and Aquatics
(847) 782-3628

Cameron Crombie
Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics
(847) 782-3621

Tony Strack
Recreation Specialist, Aquatics Programs & Services
(847) 782-3629

Kaitlin Fischer, CPRP
Manager of Sports and Fitness
(847) 782-3620

Pat Coleman
Recreation Specialist, Youth Athletics
(847) 782-3627

Cindy Zamudio
Recreation Specialist, Fitness
(847) 782-3624


AFO: Aquatics Facility Operator
ARM: Associate in Risk Management
CPRE: Certified Park and Recreation Executive
CPRP: Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CPP: Certified Program Planner
CPSI: Certified Playground Safety Inspector
CSFM: Certified Sports Field Manager
CTRS: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist