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For general program information or registration assistance, please call:
(847) 360-4700

Staff Directory


Jay Lerner, CPRE, CPP
Executive Director
(847) 360-4721

Sally Sandine
Executive Assistant
(847) 360-4721

Teddy Anderson, CPRP
Manager of Community Relations
(847) 360-4726

Mike Pavelich
Graphics and Media Specialist
(847) 360-4718

Josue Pasillas
Communications Specialist
(847) 360-4789


Claudia Freeman, CPRP
Superintendent of Cultural Arts
(847) 360-4744

Elizabeth Fallon
Department Support Aide
(847) 360-4740

Debra Carl, CPRP, CTRS
Cultural Arts Specialist
(847) 360-4746

Ty Rohrer
Museum Supervisor
(847) 360-4749

Bryan Escobar
Arts and History Specialist
(847) 360-4745


Scott MacLean, CPRP, CPSI
Superintendent of Parks
(847) 360-4724

Tim Girmscheid, CPRP
Manager of Planning Services
(847) 360-4755

Kristy De Boer
Park Planner
(847) 360-4719

Rafael Ayala 
Manager of Park Maintenance
(847) 360-4753

Gary Trantham
Manager of Construction and Building Maintenance
(847) 360-4754

Lali Salinas
Department Support Aide
(847) 360-4725


Jon Beckmann, MBA, CPRP
Superintendent of Finance
(847) 360-4715

Tanya Brady, ARM, CPRP
Manager of Risk Management
(847) 360-4727

Stacey Jozefiak
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
(847) 360-4717

Joe Georges
Manager of Information Technology
(847) 360-4714

Efrain Rodriguez
Information Technology Specialist
(847) 360-4748

Kalina Garcia
Supervisor of Finance
(847) 360-4728

Alice Swank
Payroll and Human Resource Assistant
(847) 360-4722

April Yarza
Cash Receipts and Registration Software Coordinator
(847) 360-4713

Jean Williams
Account Assistant - Accounts Payable
(847) 360-4716


Errick Beverly, CPRP, CPP
Superintendent of Recreation
(847) 782-3623

Elizabeth Fallon
Department Support Aide
(847) 782-3626

Jen Dumas, CPRP, CPP
Recreation Supervisor, Family Programs, Special Interests, and Sponsorships
(847) 360-4705

Mike Mayfield, CPRP, CPP
Recreation Supervisor, Youth and Belvidere Recreation Center
(847) 360-4710

Anthony Violett
Recreation Specialist, Youth and Teen Programs and Services
(847) 360-4708

RECREATION (continued)

Quincy Bejster, CPRP
Manager of the Field House
(847) 782-3625

Kaitlin Fischer, CPRP
Manager of Sports and Fitness
(847) 782-3620

Shelby McDonald
Recreation Supervisor, Field House Sports and Fitness Center
(847) 782-3628

Andy Cook, AFO
Recreation Supervisor, Fitness and Aquatics
(847) 782-3621

Maria Horvath
Recreation Specialist, Fitness
(847) 782-3624

Pat Coleman
Recreation Specialist, Youth Athletics
(847) 782-3627

Jordan Pavlovich
Recreation Specialist, Aquatics
(847) 782-3629

Logan Wilson
Recreation Supervisor, Athletics
(847) 782-3622

Julie Schneider, CTRS, CPRP, CPP
Manager of General and Special Recreation
(847) 360-4762

Kari Robinson, CTRS, CPRP, CPP
Supervisor, Special Recreation
(847) 360-4763

Maria Owens
Recreation Specialist, Special Recreation
(847) 360-4764



AFO: Aquatics Facility Operator
ARM: Associate in Risk Management
CPRE: Certified Park and Recreation Executive
CPRP: Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CPP: Certified Program Planner
CPSI: Certified Playground Safety Inspector
CSFM: Certified Sports Field Manager
CTRS: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist