Classes – Dance

Dance Studio Classes at Jack Benny Center for the Arts

Dance is a skill and students should expect to take the same class multiple times to master the skills needed to improve. Students may be moved to different class based on dance skills. For all dance studio classes please wear shoes with non-marking soles.

Ballet Uniform

Students enrolled in ballet classes are expected to wear the following uniform to every class. Female uniform is black leotard, black or pink tights and ballet shoes. Male uniform is tight black pants, black t-shirt and ballet shoes.

  • To register for Dance Studio Classes, please click here.

Family Discount (FD) first pays the fee listed and the second and all following pay $10 less than the listed price. This discount works between classes taught by the same instructor. This discount is noted at the end of the description – FDinstructor’s last name.

If during registration the system asks if you want to be put on a waitlist please say yes. Some instructors are willing to open an addition space for a student or possibly start a new section of classes. You will be called when the decision is made.

Dance Slippers

Dance studio classes include:
  • Pre-Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet for Fitness
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Dance
  • Improvisation
  • Lyrical
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Yoga

Private Dance Classes

Private Dance lessons are available. Call 847-360-4740 or email for more details and to set up private or semi–private classes. Typically 8 one hour long classes for $200.

Children’s Dance at Jane Addams Center

Jan Keller teaches classes that introduce children to movement, tumbling and basic steps in popular dance, ballet and tap for children pre-school through twelve years of age.

Adult Dance at Belvidere Recreation Center

Adults, ages 16 and over can learn to dance at the Belvidere Recreation Center. Dance classes are a great way to have fun and promote fitness and health.

  • Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country Line are offered. Singles are welcome.
  • Belly Dancing is taught by Zarina.

Danza Mexika Classes at the Visual Arts Center

Academia Cultural Xilotl is a non-profit and family oriented organization. To preserve the Mexican and Latin-American culture through history, art, music, and dance appreciation. Academia Cultural Xilotl recognizes culture and tradition is central to life and society. Therefore, understanding the Mexican & Latin-American culture will not only assist in awareness but in discipline and future values as well. Offers an alternative for participants to be creative in self-expression, have the opportunity for team building, boost self-esteem resulting in higher grades and become better citizens in an environment that reflects cultural and social diversity.

Una organización sin fines de lucro y orientada a la familia. Preservar la cultura Mexicana y Latinoamericana a través de la historia, el arte, la música, y apreciación de danza. Academia Xilotl Cultural reconoce la cultura y la tradición es fundamental para la vida y la sociedad. Comprensión de la cultura Mexicana y Latinoamericana no sólo ayudará en conocimiento, sino en la disciplina y los valores futuros. Consecuente, ofrecer una alternativa a los participantes a ser creativos en la auto-expresión, la oportunidad de formación de equipos, aumentar la autoestima que resulta en calificaciones altas y convertirse en mejores ciudadanos en un entorno que refleje la diversidad cultural y social.

  • Danza Mexika – Beginner Family, 8+
  • Danza Mexika – Advanced Family, 8+
Dance Instructor Biographies

Jacquelyn Cotey
Cotey came to yoga in 1998 after years of athleticism. After medical tests revealed that Cotey had scoliosis, she decided to take yoga to help improve her condition.  Cotey began yoga studies under Barbara Spietz, a graduate of the Himilayan Institute under Swami Rama. She studied under Barbara for years and developed the foundation for her yoga practice. Jacquelyn received certification under Suddha Weixler through the Chicago Yoga Center Teacher Training Program and is certified to teach yoga with Resist-a-Ball and certified through YogaFit as well. Additionally, Cotey has studied under Cindi Lee, founder of Om Yoga Center in New York. Cotey’s passion for fitness has taken her into the field of yoga for athletes and is currently training with the Chicago Bears.