Arts Park 100 Schedule

Arts Park

In celebration of the Waukegan Park District’s 100th Anniversary, there will be 100 Arts Parks programs this summer! Beginning on Monday, June 5th, every weekday at 10am and 6pm the Arts Park van will be parking at different parks throughout the Waukegan Park District bringing arts, crafts, and games. On Tuesday evenings, visit Arts Park at the Waukegan Band Foundation Concerts at 7pm at the Stiner pavilion.

If there is no attendance, the van will leave after a half hour. In the event of rain, the ARTS PARK will be cancelled.

Arts Park Plus, which is primarily games is indicated on the calendar by a + next to the park. Arts Park Standard, which is primarily arts is indicated by just the park name being listed. Arts Park #1 of the Summer is June 3 at the Ray Bradbury “Dandelion Wine” Fine Arts Festival. Arts Park #42 of the Summer is July 2 at the Independence Festival.

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Arts Park Schedule

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