Full Access For All – ADA

Waukegan Park District advocates full participation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination in the provision of programs, services or activities to individuals with disabilities. Every attempt at reasonable accommodation will be made so that individuals may participate in desired programs. If you have any questions on accessibility, please contact Scott MacLean, Superintendent of Parks, our ADA Coordinator, at (847) 360-4724. Waukegan Park District is committed to meeting your unique, individual leisure needs. Please call us if we can assist you at any time at 847-360-4760. Please attach a description of any accommodations needed to your registration form. This procedure will help ensure your enjoyment of our program.

Special Accommodations

It is the responsibility of the parent or participant to notify the District of any medical, physical and/or mental conditions that may require special consideration by the District staff. This is for everyone’s protection, and your confidentiality will be respected.

Inclusion Information

Waukegan Park District is committed to meeting your unique, individual leisure needs. If you feel you/your child are in need of inclusion services please contact Kari Robinson at 847-360-4763 to start the process of assessment. Waukegan Park District-Special Recreation determines inclusion service needs based on an Inclusion Assessment it conducts. Inclusion services are determined on a case by case and program by program basis. Each request is unique and is determined individually.

Please contact Kari Robinson at 847-360-4763 to have you/your child assessed to determine if they qualify for inclusive services prior to the program. A minimum of one week notice is required to complete the assessment and find inclusion personnel when necessary; however, Special Recreation staff request two weeks to set up appropriate services for the participant.